Ghost Busters


The Buddha Eggs

Ms. Zhang is a person who is very devout to both Buddhism and Taoism. She likes to worship in temples very much. At the same time, she is also very superstitious. She has asked many masters to come to her home to pray for blessings. At the same time, she has also invited many spirit mediums to her home. However, she sometimes speaks carelessly. Once, she offended a Thai master because she said some insulting words inadvertently. Since then, her family home has often been restless. When she went to bed at night, she always felt that there was someone beside her. She stared into the darkness and then a pit-pat pit-pat sound kept coming from the roof. At first, she thought it was the upstair neighbor’s child who was playing late at night so she went upstairs to complain but found there were no children upstairs. This made her very puzzled and distressed. She even went to the town council to complain, but after the townspeople came down to investigate, they couldn’t solve the problem, which made her very distressed because she couldn’t sleep every night. During this time, she also asked many Grandmasters and spirit mediums to check on her home, but no one could solve this problem.

By chance, she found Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin of Ghostbuster from the newspaper and made an appointment to come to the store to check what was going on at her house. As soon as she sat down, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin said to her, “You are very lucky, but at the same time your home is not purified. Have you already asked many masters to help you, but you still can’t solve the problem? According to my eyes, there is a Thai god and another god behind you that have already been giving you problems for quite some time, haven’t they?” Ms. Zhang instantly admired Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin because Grandmaster Chew accurately described the state of the feng shui in her home and quickly found the source of her problems. She begged Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin to help her solve her problems.

Due to her sincere request, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin arranged for her to come to see the spirit medium of the Nanhai Guanyin Bodhisattva, and also instructed her to bring 10 eggs that she could use during the ritual. After the Nanhai Guanyin Bodhisattva descended, she said to Ms. Zhang, “You go everywhere to worship God, correct?” Ms. Zhang replied, “Yes.” The Nanhai Guanyin spirit medium said to her, “You have been hit by a Thai curse that must be lifted immediately. Otherwise, it will become life-threatening.” Nanhai Guanyin then randomly selected one of the 10 eggs that Ms. Zhang brought, and then cast a spell on the egg and rubbed the egg on Ms. Zhang’s body. Then they cracked the egg. After cracking the egg, everyone was surprised that there was a black human figure inside the yolk of the egg. Upon closer inspection, it looked like a cursed god from Thailand.

Ms. Zhang was shocked because she had bought the eggs herself. How could such a thing appear in inside the egg?! At this time, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin explained to her, “Congratulations, the curse has been lifted. You are no longer in serious danger. I arrange for a fire circle to be drawn and we’ll use a talisman to seal the curse and increase your luck so you will not be attacked again.” So Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin helped her change her luck through the fire circle. After performing the Dharma ritual for a week, Ms. Zhang bought a lot of fruits as a tributes to Grandmaster for purifying her spirit. When she met Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin again she happily expressed her gratitude to Grandmaster Chew and said that thanks to his help her my physical condition has improved greatly and there is no sound at home. Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin was very pleased with this.


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