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Thai Curse caused by dispute with renovation contractors

Many years ago, Ms. Deng came to Ghostbuster to consult Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin because of health problems. When she entered the Ghostbuster store, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin felt that Ms. Deng’s aura was not good and her magnetic field was very low. Ms. Deng explained to Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin that her foot pain had lasted for a long time, and even after seeing many specialists, there was no cure, and the specialists only told her that she must have surgery—surgery was the only way to cure her foot pain. She refused to have surgery because of her age, and now medicine could no longer relieve the unbearable pain in her feet. Even trying other remedies and measures could not alleviate her foot pain.

Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin said to Ms. Deng: “The home you live in has been cursed and I can see that your home is very hazy. If your home is blocked by a big tree, it will make your home very dark. The curse will make you sick all the time— there will be problems with your health that even a specialist can’t detect and can’t cure. If we want to clear the curse, we need to do it during a full moon— that’s when the yin energy is strong enough to lock in the correct position of the curse.” After the consultation, Ms. Deng arranged for Grandmaster Chew and the others to go to her home to release the curse. Because she had to wait until the next full moon, Ms. Deng was in so much pain that she couldn’t sleep at night, and she kept calling Grandmaster Chew for help because of the pain in her feet.

On the night of the next full moon, Grandmaster Chew and his senior brothers went to Ms. Deng’s home together. After examining her home, they found that not only was Ms. Deng’s home cursed, but a magic spell bottle had been placed in the garden courtyard in front of Ms. Deng’s door. When Grandmaster Chew and the others lifted the curse, a nearby flock of birds chirped as if they had sensed the negative magnetic field had been released by Ms. Deng’s house. After removing the curse, Grandmaster Chew’s senior brother burned the cursed area with fire, used incense around the cursed field to break its effect, and then used a lighted talisman to repair the affected magnetic field and seal the power of the curse.

After clearing the curse, Grandmaster Chew said to Ms. Deng, “This curse is from Thailand. If you look closely, this magic spell bottle is full of Thai incantations and there are strands of hair in it that look like human hair. The curse affects one’s sanity, causes family disharmony and health problems, and causes emotional discord and constant family quarrels. Ms. Deng, now that the curse is cleared, you can seek a doctor to treat your foot pain.” After that, Ms. Deng went to a specialist to treat her foot pain and the treatment was successful.

Ms. Deng’s family home had been cursed because of a previous dispute she had when her home was being renovated. Ms. Deng had made things difficult for the renovation workers, and had a serious quarrel with the decorators. The renovators were angry with Ms. Deng and used thai black magic to curse her family home.

Now that the curse has been removed, Ms. Deng’s health has gradually recovered. After being released from the curse, Ms. Deng’s temperament improved and she has been more kind to other people. Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin was very pleased by this.


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