Ghost Busters


Revenge on a sham investment company

Boss Hong is operating a scam MLM incestment business. Only a few years after the company was established, the business had already spread all over the world with assets reaching hundreds of millions. But he became complacent about his business and began to lose sight of his staff and people who helped him achieve the heights he attained. He acted ignorantly, yelling at subordinates and dismissing subordinates who were dissatisfied with his behavior. One of his subordinates was a male employee in his 40s. He couldn’t stand the humiliation received from Boss Hong and held a grudge, so he took a photo of Boss Hong and paid a high price to a master to cast a vicious curse on Boss Hong to make him go bankrupt and bring him to ruin.

It first started when Boss Hong was working at his company. He found that he couldn’t concentrate for long periods of time. A faint voice would appear in his ear. When Boss Hong was occasionally working overtime he would see shadows passing through the corridor. He thought it was a subordinate passing by, but when he went to check, there was no one there. After this continued, Boss Hong was unwilling to work and became uneasy. In addition, the company’s performance has plummeted and has created official problems. The most distressing thing for Boss Hong is that one of his relatives recently died of a strange illness. This series of bad events has made Boss Hong very puzzled, so he came to Ghostbuster to ask Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin for help.

As soon as he sat down, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin asked him, “Boss, where do you live? I saw a large glass door with stone lions on both sides of the glass door. It was dark inside. There was also a wooden table and a strange black mist was occupying what should be your seat. This place is not your home— it’s your company’s office, right?” Boss Hong listened to Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin’s words, and was immediately surprised, “That’s right! Grandmaster Chew, what you see is indeed my company, and my table is indeed made of wood! Grandmaster Chew, I have been miserable during these recent years. Please help me!” Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin continued, “You are too arrogant. Your arrogance is making things difficult for your subordinates. The person who wished these bad things upon you must have some deep seated hatred with you.” Listening to Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin saying that he had indeed been cursed, Boss Hong sighed and said, “Grandmaster Chew, I admit that when I was successful in my career, I did offend many people, but I never thought that someone would wish a curse on me. I ask Grandmaster Chew to help me because I’m going crazy with these things!” Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin thought about everything for a moment and said, “Your company has been twice cursed. Don’t tell me the address of your company yet. First, I need to arrange an auspicious day, and then my senior brother will go to your company to lift the curse for you. Go home first and wait for my news.” After hearing Grandmaster Chew say this, Boss Hong expressed his gratitude and left.

On the auspicious day, after Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin and his senior brothers learned the location of the office, they led the Ghostbuster staff to Boss Hong’s company to release him from the curse. As soon as Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin entered the door, he felt a heavy evil spirit emanating from the carpet, so he instructed the staff to get a mop and scrub the carpet with it. The scrubbing took about an hour or so. Grandmaster Chew and his senior brother then asked the staff to put the mop on a large table, so that Boss Hong could see it. There were clumps of gray-white powder sticking to the cotton strands of the mop. Boss Hong asked in horror, “Grandmaster! What is this!?” Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin explained to him: “This is one of the curses. It’s a concoction made of talcum powder. This talcum powder is the same that’s sprinkled on a dead body after death. This has been affecting the people in your company by draining their motivation and making them quarrel all day long.” After listening to Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin’s words, Boss Hong said, “Yes, yes, yes! My employees are just like this, and they keep handing in their resignation letters one by one…”

After Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin and his senior brother finished clearing the first curse, they asked Boss Hong to take them to his office. When Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin arrived at Boss Hong’s office, he looked around and asked, “Boss, are you right? You said you can’t concentrate when you work and you always feel your head is heavy?” Boss Hong widened his eyes and said in surprise, “Yes, yes, Grandmaster Chew, it’s indeed what you said!” After listening to Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin, he ordered the staff to bring a ladder into Boss Hong’s office. He climbed up the ladder to pry open the ceiling and used a red cloth to remove a small package from the ceiling. Boss Hong was stunned. Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin showed it to him, and then explained to Boss Hong: “This cursed package is made up of three needles plus spells, perfume, and soil from a graveyard— these things will make you confused and distracted so you can never concentrate.” After this incident, Boss Hong admired Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin deeply, and after listening to Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin’s advice, he began to improve his attitude, and his career begun to prosperous. In this regard, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin was pleased.


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