Ghost Busters


Receiving unknow objects from strangers

While walking through the streets near Guanyin Temple on Waterloo Street, Ms. Chen encountered something that she would come to regret immensely.

On the first day of a certain year, Ms. Chen went to the Guanyin Temple on Waterloo Street as usual to pray for the blessing of the gods. When she finished her worship, she met an old woman outside the temple. The old woman held a string of exquisite crystal bracelets in her hand. She hunched her waist slightly and walked towards Ms. Chen with a wrinkled face. “Miss, let me give you this crystal bracelet.” Although Ms. Chen knew that she should not accept gifts from strangers for no reason, she couldn’t resist the lure of the crystal bracelet. She took the old woman’s bracelet and wore it on her wrist right on the spot.

After she started wearing the bracelet, strange things happened frequently to Ms. Chen. In the middle of the night, Ms. Chen could feel a white shadow fluttering by her body that would suddenly disappear. Suddenly, a gust of wind would blow across her body, making her body numb and giving her goosebumps. Sometimes, there would be the sound of children playing in her ear, but when she looked up, she saw no one, which made her hair stand on end. Over time, Ms. Chen’s behavior became more and more unmanageable, she became increasingly paranoid, and she sometimes shouted uncontrollably in public.

So Ms. Chen sought the help of Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin. When she stepped into the Ghostbuster store, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin felt that something was wrong with Ms. Chen and could tell that she was not well by her ill complexion. Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin immediately sensed a feeling of anger that was emanating from the bracelet on Ms. Chen ‘s hand, and sensed the evil spirit of the bracelet. Grandmaster Chew immediately asked Ms. Chen to remove the bracelet. Strange to say, as soon as Ms. Chen took off the bracelet and put it on the table, Ms. Chen’s mental condition improved immediately, and Ms. Chen also felt that she was gradually regaining her consciousness and sanity.

Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin advised Ms. Chen, “Some people with bad intentions will attract bad spirits in order to get rich quickly. It is easy to attract bad spirits, but it is difficult to send them away. Therefore, they will take advantage of people’s greed to get rid of the bad spirit. The bad spirit will be sealed to an item, and then the item will be transferred to others. If you accept this item greedily and unknowingly, you will also indirectly accept the bad spirit within,” Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin said. After that, he burned Ms. Chen’s bracelet in a fire. Before burning it, Grandmaster Chew recited scriptures in front of the fire and then cast the bracelet into the fire because fire can cleanse everything.

In this regard, Ms. Chen was very grateful for Grandmaster Chew’s help to bring her back to her senses, and promised Grandmaster Chew that she would not accept gifts from strangers for no reason.


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