Ghost Busters


Possessed by spirit and a fox demon

One day in 2019, Ghostbuster encountered a special case. Accompanied by his parents, Mr. Lin came to the store to seek the assistance of Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin. When he came to the store, his parents didn’t dare to enter the store, and only allowed Mr. Lin to enter. As soon as Mr. Lin sat down, his voice changed, and he emitted a strange high-pitched voice. He started shouting, “We hate him, we want him to die.” Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin slapped the table and said, “Who is the evildoer? Give us your name.” Mr. Lin made another strange noise. He laughed and said, “He hurt us very badly, we want his life. There are many ghosts watching you here, aren’t you afraid?” Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin replied, “What’s the matter? You must be scared since you still haven’t come out of him.” Mr. Lin used a strange voice and said, “We want his life.” After hearing this, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin knew it was useless to argue, so he stood up and prepared to cast a spell on him. Just when he was about to use a spell to cast out the ghosts with, Mr. Lin clenched his fists and said, “Stop forcing me—I’m going to beat you now.” Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin said, “Go ahead and try.”

Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin ignored him and continued to use incense to force the ghost out. Grandmaster Chew also sprayed Mr. Lin with holy water. He felt as if he was burned by the fire, and let out a tragic hiss and shouted, “Even if I leave, there will still be many ghosts waiting for him in his house.” He then collapsed on the chair with relief. After that, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin learned from him about his situation and why he provoked these karmic grievance creditors. It turned out that Mr. Lin was very interested in financial investment. He had attended investment speech courses and lectures everywhere, but he also had demonstrated his brutally honest personality more than once in public by openly criticizing the investment courses, lectures, and lecturers. By doing this, he made other people lose face and badly affected other people’s businesses.

Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin verified everything by using his sight of the heavens ability and saw that a total of 3 people had collaborated with an evil mage to retaliate against him, so that was why there were so many problems around him. Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin said to him, “Your problem is only half solved. If you want to completely eradicate the problem, you must go to your home and adjust the feng shui and send all the spirits inside your house away so that they will no longer affect you. Afterwards, you must ask the Earth Deity to help you reconcile with these karmic debt creditors and resolve their grievances.” Mr. Lin arranged to have his feng shui observed so he could have his mind soothed.

When the arranged day came, Grandmaster Chew Teck Fatt went to his house to observe the feng shui. He brought a portrait of the Earth Deity to help beckon the Deity. There was suddenly a flash of a nine-tailed fox demon behind the portrait of the Deity. It jumped out, so Grandmaster cast a spell to dispel the fox fairy and all of the outer spirits in the house away. Later, the Lin family properly accommodated the Earth Deity and Mr. Lin kneeled in front of the Earth Deity and admited his mistake, and poured tea to all the karmic grievance creditors. He offered wine, fruits and burned paper money to make amends so these issues can finally come to an end.

Two weeks later, when Mr. Lin came to the store, he was full of energy and radiant, and his mood was much calmer. I believe this had been a painful lesson for him, and he will definitely be a good person in the future. Lesson learned: don’t destroy other peoples wealth opportunities or be prepared to face the consequences. In this regard, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin is very pleased.


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