Ghost Busters


Master Jereon Chew

Dato’ Sri Chew Teck Fatt (Senior Master) born to a traditional Chinese family and educated in Singapore, Dato’ Sri Chew Teck Fatt (Senior Master) has his heart firmly on Chinese culture and shares his father’s profound love of Taoism.

Before 2005, Dato’ Sri Chew was serving with the Republic of Singapore Air Force, a tint which went a great way in developing his strong sense of responsibility and mission. And it is Dato’ Sri Chew’s mission, as a person of Chinese descent, to promote traditional Chinese culture as well as Taoism. Since leaving the military, he has pursued his passion for Taoism with the founding of FIVE ELEMENTS (WU XING GE) LLP, and has gathered like-minded people for the study and exploration of Taoism. In the Taoist spirit of giving, he is actively involved in acts of charity such as feeding the poor and needy through large-scale events for nursing homes and orphanages in both Singapore and Malaysia. He has also developed a software to accurately calculate BaZi quickly and therefore more efficiently. In what is a happy marriage of modern technological advancement with deeply traditional practices, Dato’ Sri Chew hopes to continue modernising his methods of spreading the ancient culture of his beliefs to keep in relevant in the current age.

In 2010, Dato’ Sri Chew Teck Fatt was featured on popular website CNNGo as well as several international news and documentary programmes. In 2014, he was conferred the title, Dato, by Sultan of Palembang, in Indonesia. Having set up a branch of the Jade Emperor’s Temple (Yu Huang’s Temple) in Singapore, Dato’ Sri Chew hopes to spread the teachings and true spirit of Taoism to the rest of South East Asia, and finally, the world, to achieve peace and unity among believers and devotees.

Master Chew Teck Fatt is the mortal grandson of the Jade Emperor, and also a mortal disciple under the direct instruction of the Goddess of Mercy. As the highly regarded successor to Grand Master Chew Hon Chin, Master Chew Teck Fatt is well versed in the fields of BaZi and Five Elements, Metaphysics and Geomancy. Similarly gifted with the Eye of the Heavens (the “Third Eye”) as Grand Master Chew Hon Chin, he has the ability to see happenings in the Nether World, allowing him to help us find the supernatural forces (such as ancestral and infant spirits) and detrimental geomantic forces obstructing our path to success.

Master Chew Teck Fatt has, in his care, the Official Seal of the God of the Earth, bestowed by the Goddess of Mercy, and the Malay Kris, a symbol of supreme power, representing the primordial supernatural powers in the Southeast Asian region and the authority they have bestowed upon Master Chew, the Malay Kris keeps the demons and evil spirits away whenever he performs a ritual. The Official Seal of the God of the Earth empowers him to command the gods of the mortal world to assist him in capturing demons and evil spirits, or to alter the undesirable aura of a place of residence or business in order to bring forth good fortune.

In this vast universe, the Heaven and the Earth play the paternal and maternal roles respectively. It is on this Earth that all living beings are born and bred, in accordance to the rules of the Heaven, time and seasons. It is this benevolent Earth that we reap benefits from, and into which our lives are intricately woven. Hence, because of his ability to control the forces of the Earth, Master Chew Teck Fatt has the key to changing our fortune. According to Master Chew Teck Fatt, a house or an office with vigorous Earth Chi will create a plain sailing life or thriving business. On the contrary, if the Earth Chi is weak, we may face problems such as monetary losses, a shaky business and frequent quarrels in the family. Hence, on top of emphasising the importance of good geomantic arrangements, the Ghostbuster believes in the cultivation of good Earth Chi in a house or an office in order to bless us with good fortune.

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