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Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin

DATO’ CHEW HON CHIN (Grand Master) had long been fascinated by Zhouyi – the profound scholarship of traditional chinese metaphysics. It was this passion that led him to facilitate and promote the teaching traditional Chinese Taoism through the founding of the Jade Emperor’s Temple (Yu Huang’s Temple and the Jade Emperor Ancient Arts Academy (Yu Huang Xuan Xue Xue Xuan) in the modern city of Singapore. It is his mission to promote the ancient value of filial piety and also the organization of charitable activities for the benefit of the poor and needy. The Jade Emperor Ancient Arts Academy provides a comprehensive syllabus for the study of FengShui and Bazi, and there also a self-study programme available to members or subscribers wherein the subjects can be learned at the student’s own pace and convenience.

Because of his work in the promotion of oriental metaphysics, DATO’ CHEW HON CHIN has been featured in TV news and documentary programmes in places as far flung as Germany and France. He has also been interviewed on NBC, CNNGo, and The Straits Times In Singapore.

A deeply traditional person, DATO’ CHEW was conferred the title of Dato by Sultan of Palembang in Indonesia and hopes to show the world the charm and value of Chinese metaphysics and Chinese values, particularly that of Taoism.

Grand Master Chew Hon Chin is the mortal representative of the Jade Emperor, a mortal godson taken in by the Heavenly Father. Entrusted with the Jade Emperor’s emblem, he is bestowed with invincible powers that allow him to command the Heavenly Army for his mission of bettering the lives and destinies of mortal beings by eliminating demons and evil spirits from the mortal world.

Grand Master Chew has also been bestowed the Eye of the Heaven “the Third Eye” by the Jade Emperor. Through his “Third Eye”, he is able to pinpoint the obstructing forces in your life – nether, ancestral and infant spirits, as well as karmic “creditors” (冤亲债主) and resolve these issues for you. He is also able to conduct an audit on the fengshui of your house remotely through his “Third Eye” and discover the undesirable spirits or matter residing in it.

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