Ghost Busters


Old lady possessed by ancestors

One day around noon, Mrs. Fang, accompanied by her daughter, had the honor to visit Ghostbuster to consult Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin. She had already sought help from many so-called supernatural practitioners because of her son’s mental problems, but her son had never improved. She said to Grandmaster Chew, “My son has been hiding in the room, his mental state is not good, and he likes to sleep underneath the bed frame. He is reluctant to come out and face the world, and he is very resistant to being approached by anyone.”

Just as Mrs. Fang was telling Grandmaster Chew about her son’s situation, Mrs. Fang’s hands started shaking uncontrollably. Grandmaster Chew saw an old lady with white hair leaning on a cane on Mrs. Fang. When Grandmaster spoke to the ghost who was possessing Mrs. Fang, the ghost tremblingly told Grandmaster Chew that she did not know who she was or what he was doing.

Mrs. Fang spoke freely with the ghost herself, and was very emotional and said to the ghost, “Why do you have to attach yourself to me? You’re causing me to have a poor mental state and be unable to work.” The ghost said to the old lady that she didn’t know why she possessed her. Grandmaster Chew said to the old lady, “Since you’ve been reciting scriptures at home every day, the wandering ghosts in this world think you can help them, so now one has attached itself to you in order to ask for your help. This one is not an unfamiliar ghost— she is your father’s second wife. You have never worshiped her, so now she has attached herself to you to remind you to worship her and your ancestors.”

Continuing, Grandmaster Chew said to the old lady and her daughter, “You didn’t worship your ancestors and didn’t pay down your spiritual debts in order to send away your karma. These things have always affected your bad luck and have caused your family to be disharmonious, and your career to not go well, and so on. Your house is second-hand and you didn’t purify the house before moving in, so outside ghosts were attracted that affected your family’s luck.” Mrs. Fang and her daughter also asked Grandmaster Chew to help them solve their current situation.

With the help of Grandmaster Chew, Mrs. Fang and her daughter worshipped their ancestors and appeased their karmic creditors. After that, Mrs. Fang’s spirit and emotions were gradually replenished and they both assured Grandmaster Chew that they would continue paying respects to their ancestors.


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