Ghost Busters


Multiple spirits trapped inside woman

One year, Ms. Ke, accompanied by her husband, stepped into the Ghostbuster store and wanted to consult Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin on how to solve her physical problem of being trapped by ghosts and spirits. When she stepped into the Ghostbuster store, her head was swaying unconsciously, and her hands were staggering up and down. She told Grandmaster Chew that she had always been troubled by ghosts, and found herself occasionally yelling in public. Sometimes her head would shake violently from side to side, her hands would sway up and down uncontrollably, and the people around her were always at a loss for what to do. Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin used his sight of the heavens ability to see that the lady’s body was trapped not only by a single ghost, but by a number of ghosts and spirits that were affecting her, causing her to lose consciousness and control of her hands and feet. In addition, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin also saw that Ms. Ke was being followed by her ancestors and karmic grievance collectors because Ms. Ke did not worship her ancestors and had not paid down her karmic debt which left Ms. Ke’s without the protection of her ancestors.

After consulting with Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin, Ms. Ke asked Grandmaster Chew for help in worshipping her ancestors and solving her problem of being overwhelmed by ghosts. When Grandmaster Chew helped Ms. Ke conduct a ritual to send away the ghosts, Ms. Ke’s entire body suddenly shook, and she started screaming like a howling cat. After reciting Buddhist scriptures, chanting Indian Guanyin scriptures, and so on, Ms. Ke’s hands will start uncontrollably making various gestures which look similar to certain religious gestures. Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin cast magic spells to help reduce Ms. Ke’s irrationality behavior that was being caused by ghosts and gods, and then used the holy water to help eliminate evil obstacles for Ms. Ke, and then used magic mana to calm Ms. Ke’s soul so that she would not be easily disturbed by ghosts and gods. During Grandmaster Chew’s spell casting, Ms. Ke would sometimes mutter using a gloomy voice.

After completing the ritual, Ms. Ke stopped yelling out, and her involuntary head and hand movements stopped. Ms. Ke’s husband told Grandmaster Chew that they had already sought out many Grandmasters, including Grandmasters of different religions and Thai Grandmasters, but nothing had previously worked. Ms. Ke’s uncle, who is a spirit medium, also tried to help dispel the ghosts and purify her, but the situation of the ghost’s upper body still keeps appearing. After a short rest, Ms. Ke’s spirit gradually improved and her senses gradually recovered.

Grandmaster Chew asked Ms. Ke, “Did you pray to the gods and make a wish, and then didn’t return to the gods after your wish was granted?” Ms. Ke said to Grandmaster Chew, “Yes.” After hearing this, Grandmaster Chew told her that no matter what your wishes are, you need to return to the gods after your wishes come true. In fact, it would have been enough for you to have worshipped your ancestors and paid off your karmic grievances and creditors, but filial piety comes first. Since you have not worshiped your ancestors properly, even if you worship many gods, it will not help. Although you have asked many Grandmasters to help you solve your ghost situation, because of their improper handling, many additional ghosts and spirits had been trapped in your body and could not come out. Now that that matter has been solved for you, you must pay respect to your ancestors and worship them.

Ms. Ke promised Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin that she would pay respects to her ancestors in the future.


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