Infant Spirit Praying 拜送婴灵

Infant spirits refer to spirits that have been robbed of their chances to enter our world due to miscarriages or abortions. These spirits have tremendous capabilities to cause harm to their parents or siblings in this world due to their grievous nature. Our services include prayers and blessing for infant spirts.

婴灵,指的是因为堕胎,早产,流产,以及未出生而亡的魂魄。 婴灵很可怜,因为它们被夺去了来到这世界的机会。婴灵在受胎时, 婴灵便来到人类空间的起点,而且已经离开了原来的空间。 因此,在堕胎之后进不了人世也退不回灵界,两头不着岸。 婴灵的怨念极强大,若不妥善处理,其在人世的父母,兄弟姐妹所受的影响很大, 做事不顺利,且障碍重重

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