Ghost Busters


Ghost Palm print in toilet

One day, a small and thin lady stepped into the Ghostbuster store. She looked very tired with dark circles under her eyes and a very pale face. She sat weakly in front of Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin. Before waiting for the lady to speak, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin used his sight of the heavens ability and asked, “Why are you so haggard? Why is your home so dark and unlucky, and there is a woman with disheveled hair and a child standing in the living room. They look very ferocious…” Before Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin finished speaking, the lady said in surprise, “Yes, yes! Grandmaster Chew, please save me and my family!” Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin saw the lady so excited like this and said, “Calm down and let me take a closer look.”

After a closer look, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin said, “Did you buy a second-hand house? When you moved, did you choose an auspicious day? Do you know that you have offended the ghosts and gods inside your home and now they are in you? The house is affecting your family all day long, and now you can’t sleep at night. They want to drive you out.” Hearing this, the lady sighed, “Yes, Grandmaster Chew… I bought this house second-hand, and I didn’t believe in ghosts and gods before, so I just moved in and lived there. In the first few days, when we were sleeping at night, we heard footsteps coming from upstairs! Step! StepOccasionally, someone slapped the wall with their hand. I thought I was just over-tired and exhausted and hearing things, so I didn’t think too much about it. As time went by, the sounds became louder and louder. Once I became very angry, so I went upstairs to check. Once I was upstairs, the doorbell started ringing and wouldn’t stop. After opening and closing the door for more than ten minutes, I still saw no one, until the neighbor next next door opened his door and said to me with a dissatisfied expression, “This lady! Who are you looking for!? What are you arguing about in the middle of the night!? The people in this house moved out 3 months ago, and now the house is empty! There is nobody! “I was frightened when I heard what the neighbor said, and I began to worry about whether I was hallucinating. Then one day when I was helping my child take a bath, his eyes suddenly became very tense, and he kept pointing his hand in the direction of the window, saying um! um! Mmm! I looked in the direction he pointed, and saw a palm imprinted in the center of the window! Then my child cried and occasionally he kept smirking and pointing at the air. His cries became louder and louder and he was making a lot of noise that was making me very uneasy. I ask Grandmaster Chew to please help us!” Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin shook his head lightly and replied helplessly: “You can’t do whatever you want just because you claim not to believe in ghosts and gods. I need to arrange our feng shui Grandmaster to go to your home and check out the situation.” So, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin appointed his proud successor, Grandmaster Chew Teck Fatt, to find out what was going on.

The next day, when Grandmaster Chew Teck Fatt came to her house, he found that the lady’s house was very unlucky. He took out a Geomancy compass to check and found that there were spiritual beings in the house. He cast a protective array spell to protect the lady’s family and cast away the unwanted spirits and negative energy in the house.

 A month later, the lady was in high spirits and came to thank Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin. Seeing the success of this lady, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin was pleased.


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