Deity Statue Invitation And Blessing 开光安神

Many people pray to various deities in their home, hoping that the deities will protect them from harm and bring good fortune to them or their families. However the invitation of a diety into one’s home is a elaborate process and should not be taken lightly. There are detailed specifications and rituals that one must follow in the process so that the deity that one prays too will bless your family. We offer Deity statue invitation and blessing ritual services.

许多人在家中安置神像, 是希望能够求得家宅平安, 家运亨通. 殊不知安神求佛实是一门重要学问! 安神拜神不当, 反而为自己惹上大祸!


1. 神像要开光. 拜祭没有开光的神像等于拜一个木头偶像. 稍有不当, 反而引来无主孤魂负与神像上, 拜神反而变成拜鬼.

2. 神台尺寸大小都要按规矩. (一尺, 三尺, 五尺)

3. 香炉必须到达神像的肚脐位置.

4. 神像不应是空心, 而是应该用五色豆, 炉灰, 及五金币来添满,而且神像上一定要有金.(代表神佛金身)

请神是为了在家中得到家运安康. 因此应该请道法高超的师父为自己的家中安神, 为自己改善生活.

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