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Curse on a Malaysian shopping mall

One day in 2016, a middle-aged man in a long-sleeved shirt walked into Ghostbuster and said to Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin with a proud and contemptuous expression, “Grandmaster, my friend introduced me to you. I am a very busy man. You are already famous in the world and you don’t need to introduce yourself to me again. Just tell me directly, what can you see about me? You want money? Not a problem… but if you won’t use your vision on me, I will rip your signboard down!” Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin thought it was funny when he heard this. He has been in business for so many years, and was already considered an important figure in the feng shui world, so there were already many people who have spoken to him in such a tone. Instead, it aroused his curiosity in the man in front of him. He then replied with a smile and said that his signboard is right outside the store—you can take it down if you want, but after taking it down, please help me create a more beautiful signboard.

Hearing this, the middle-aged man felt that he had gone too far, so he said to Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin: “Grandmaster, my career has not been good for the past few years, our family opened a gold shop. During our peak time, there were 13 stores in Malaysia. At that time, each of our stores made a lot of money, but ever since I took over the business ten years ago, the business has not been good. We only have 3 stores left. I used a sum of money from the business funds to buy a shopping mall in Johor that I think has great potential. I did my homework before buying it. The mall is by the main road, and is in the prosperous district. I went to the shopping mall a few times, and the crowds in the shopping mall are good and very busy. When I first took over, everything went smoothly. The shops in the store were still being rented out. But in the past 2 years, stores started closing down, and now only 20% of the stores in the entire mall are still open. The whole mall is like a ghost town. I originally thought that after I buying a mall, I could rely on the rent to make up for the loss of those gold shops, but little did I know I was digging myself a bigger hole to jump into. If it keeps going on like this, I’m going to go bankrupt. Grandmaster, please help me see what is going on.”

Seeing the change in his attitude, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin agreed to look at the source of the man’s problem. Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin said to him: “Your work is not going well, and you are often fighting with your wife, right?” The man said: “How did you know, Grandmaster!? That’s all true.” Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin replied: “Your ancestors are not being worshipped. Your father has passed away, right? He treated you very well during his lifetime, and you did not worship him after his death. He liked to wear short-sleeved round-neck shirts during his lifetime, right? Because you did not worship him and are not being filial, your business will continue to plummet. Your mother also aborted a child— that child was your brother and your family did not chant the Dharma for him, causing him to wander in the spirit underworld. Now, he is haunting your household and affecting your relationship with wife and also causing you to make enemies everywhere when you do business outside. If you don’t handle these things properly, it’s like a house without a foundation. No matter how many times you rebuild it, it is destined to collapse. These spirits started appearing about 2 years ago just when the traffic and business at your shopping mall began to suddenly decrease, right?” The businessman nodded quickly and said, “My business is just like what Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin said, it is getting worse and worse. Originally, I had were 13 gold shops in Malaysia, but now I only have 3. If things weren’t this bad, I wouldn’t have come to you. I’m desperate, Grandmaster Chew— please help me.”

Grandmaster Chew used his sight of the heavens ability and opened his eyes wide to observe the situation, “Your shopping mall is very big, with 6 floors, right? There is a graveyard opposite the mall, and a bridge that connects the road directly to your shopping mall. The feng shui of your shopping mall is not good.” The businessman asked in surprise: “Grandmaster Chew, you have never been to this place, and I have not shown you any photos, so how do you know?” Chew then said: “Not only is the Feng shui at your shopping mall not good, but there is a Malay female ghost and a Chinese old woman ghost blocking the two entrances and exits of the shopping mall, preventing your customers and any wealth from coming in. They are not ordinary ghosts— it’s as if magic has been used to intentionally summon them there. Yes, this shopping mall of yours has been cursed twice. By what means did you use to buy this mall?” The businessman said, “I talked to the previous owner for a long time before he would sell it to me at a good price.” Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin said, “Did you negotiate with people properly and offer a reasonable price, or did you coerce others to sell you this mall? I think you used coerecive methods, otherwise why would the previous owner be so resentful and curse you twice?” The businessman let out an embarrassed giggle, “Hehe,” before asking, “Grandmaster Chew, what can be done now?” Grandmaster Chew replied, “Since you were destined to walk in this shop, then I can’t sit idly by and watch. For now, I can only arrange for my senior brother to go to your place on another day to remove the curses, and then I will help you exorcise the ghosts from your shopping mall and adjust the feng shui.” So Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin arranged to help the Shopping Mall Boss on an auspicious day.

On the day of the ceremony, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin asked Nanhai Guanyin Bodhisattva to descend and lend her power to his senior. As soon as Nanhai Guanyin’s power was received, he said, “This shopping mall is gloomy and has a lot of traffic because there are curses affixed to both sides of your door.” The businessman said to Nanhai Guanyin, “I ask Guanyin Bodhisattva to please help me.” Nanhai Guanyin then began the ritual to lift the curse. She guided everyone to the mall’s small intersection where she instructed everyone to dig. After digging for about 15 minutes, a glass bottle filled with paper Malay scriptures and oil was found buried in the ground. Nanhai Guanyin immediately told everyone to stop digging. She then wrapped the cursed bottle in red and black cloth so that the assistant could take it away. She then walked directly to the exit of the mall and instructed her assistants to dig in the ground. The owner of the shopping mall asked his employees to bring an electric drill in order to drill through the bricks on the road, but the electric drill was only able to drill for a short while. The sky quickly filled with heavy clouds and it started pouring rain, so the electric drill could no longer be used. It was as if someone intentionally wanted to stop the curse-lifting ritual, but the sudden downpour could not stop Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin and Nanhai Guanyin. Since the electric drill could not be used, they could only use an iron shovel to dig. After about 20 minutes, a plastic bottle with a green lid was found in the ground.

Nanhai Guanyin then wrapped the second cursed bottle with red and black cloth, and brought the cursed bottles to a table in the shopping mall. As soon as she sat down, she began to cast a spell using an amulet. She pressed the two cursed bottles together with the amulet so that no one could take the amulet away. Nanhai Guanyin turned to the businessman and said, “The person who hexed you buried cursed bottles at both the exit and entrance of your shopping mall with the purpose of blocking your fortune and trapping you so you’ll have no way to go. If you hadn’t inspired such a deep hatred from them, how could they have delivered such a heavy blow?” The businessman was silent and didn’t dare to reply. Nanhai Guanyin continued on, “Although the curse has been lifted, you still need to choose another day to ask Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin to come back and help you adjust the feng shui and help you set up protective barriers to secure the mall and prevent anyone from unsealing the curse. After that, the Boss promised to invite back Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin to the mall to complete the remaining rituals on another day.

After returning to Singapore, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin did not hear from the Boss for several months. Later, it was learned by word-of-mouths that the Boss had invited other feng shui Grandmasters to the shopping mall to examine the feng shui. Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin was not surprised and sighed, “People who understand gratitude are rare. Some people seem easy to change, but their nature is difficult to change. As soon as you help them lift a curse, they will disappear.” Although Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin regretted this loss, he still wished the Shopping Mall Boss’ future life would be smooth sailing and all his wishes will come true. “I hope that he will continue to be relieved of the curse, and that he will help more people when he fully recovers.”


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