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Curse from Philippines

One day many years ago, a customer with the last name Yan came to the Ghostbuster Store. Mr. Yan came to consult Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin because everything was going wrong. When Mr. Yan stepped into the Ghostbuster shop, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin directly asked Mr. Yan because of what he had seen using his sight of the heaven’s ability, “Why does your house look so strange? Your bungalow has a high outer wall, and there are spikes on the wall surrounding it. “Mr. Yan replied, “Actually, I don’t live in Singapore, I’m from the Philippines. Grandmaster, the home you see is my home in the Philippines. Because the law and order there is not so good, there are many spikes on the walls to prevent outsiders from breaking into our home.” After that, Grandmaster Chew said to Mr. Yan, “Your home has been brought down by others, and things are so unsatisfactory that no matter what you do, you will fail.” Mr. Yan listened. After that, he was dubious about being cursed, so he said goodbye to Grandmaster Chew.

A few days later, Mr. Yan’s daughter came to our shop and asked for help from Grandmaster Chew because her father was in a coma in the hospital. His health had declined sharply, and his life was in critical condition. The doctor also found that Mr. Yan suffered from liver failure. After examining the situation, Grandmaster Chew said to Mr. Yan’s daughter, “Your father’s three spirits and seven souls are no longer complete, and we can do nothing.” After a while, Mr. Yan passed away.

After that, Mr. Yan’s daughter arranged for Grandmaster Chew and Grandmaster Chew’s senior brothers to go to her home in the Philippines to lift the curse. When the Grandmaster and the others arrived, they sensed that there was a curse in the cement floor somewhere in the house, and the Grandmasters used shovels and crowbars to break and dig up the cement floor. After 2 hours of digging, the Grandmasters found a cursed bottle in the depths of the cement field. Grandmaster Chew said to Ms. Yan: “This cursed bottle contains a Philippine Gong Tau curse. There is a note and perfume inside. When the perfume in the bottle evaporates and dries up, the curse will start to take effect. This curse is the most deadly and can cost lives. Unfortunately, we came too late, and the perfume in the bottle has already evaporated, so your father died.” 

After learning about what happened, Ms. Yan said to Grandmaster Chew, “Actually, this home is a second-hand home. My father bought it because he saw that the price of this house was much cheaper than any of the ones on the market. When we moved in, a lot of things happened— family members often quarreled, and things were not going well. We never thought that we were actually cursed by someone. I thank the Grandmasters for helping us to get rid of the curse. I hope that life can get back on track in the future. .” 

Fortunately, after the cursed bottle was removed, the situation of the Yan family has improved. The Yan family business turned from loss to profit, and the overall vitality of the Yan family has gradually improved. After that, the Yan family came to Ghostbuster every year to visit Grandmaster Chew. In this regard, Grandmaster Chew was very pleased.


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