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Child ghosts and a trapped spirit

One day in 2008, a couple came to visit the Jade Emperor Temple (Yu Huang Xuan Xue). The husband appeared fine but the wife looked wan and thin.

“ I felt a little uneasy when they approached me. Something about them did not seem right,” says Grandmaster Chew. Grandmaster Chew did a reading for the women’s Bazi and noticed her trembling uncontrollably. She would help flap her arms involuntarily.

“From experience, I could tell that she was troubled by baby spirits. I opened my dharma eye and immediately saw three baby spirits on her body. I asked her bluntly if she had three abortions more than 20 years before. The spirits of these three aborted babies were now the cause of her troubles,” says Grandmaster Chew.

The woman’s husband had taken her to mediums, priests and masters in China, Thailand and Malaysia in order to cure her of her condition, bur even after having spent so much money, she did not show any signs of improvement.The man also took his wife to a mental hospital, but they found her to be normal. Finally, some friends had recommended they see Grandmaster Chew at Jade Emperor Temple.

“He looked at me as if I was an immortal who could work wonders,” says Grandmaster Chew. “ He said his wife would cry like a baby when she was unhappy. She would laugh when she saw something strange. She sometimes talked to herself. She even sat on the ground and played like a child. She sang children’s songs. People thought that she was crazy and kept away from her.”

This was going to be a tough one, through Grandmaster Chew. For he saw through his dharma eye that there weren’t just the three baby spirits tormenting this woman – there was fourth spirit processing her, and it was that of an old woman. “The spirits had been there for a very long time and they were running all over her body, causing her great pain,” says Grandmaster


He took all his tools and implements required for performing the rite of exorcism, but with one special weapon: A horsetail whisk which, though harmless-looking to humans, is feared by evil spirits as it is a token of authority against evil.Then, pointing at vital points in her arms and head, he recited incantations. But the baby spirits were very quick and cunning to deal with. Grandmaster Chew told an assistant to hand him a bottle of mineral water which he cast a spell over and dipped an incense

stick into.

He made woman drink the water, which suppressed the evil wind in her. She calmed down a little, but the spirits in her body were still putting up a fight. Grandmaster Chew then arranged to perform a rite of exorcism three days later a deserted part of the beach at East Coast.

They arrived at 8pm, and when the woman came out of the car, she started playing on the beach like a child. Knowing that the spirits of the three babies were there, Grandmaster Chew began negotiating with them to leave the woman.

 I said to them, “What do you want? I will burn silver and gold ingots and a reincarnation fee, as well as a lot of underworld money for you, will that be alright?”

“No way! We want aeroplanes!” they retorted. They were still children! Still, Grandmaster Chew was not going to give them any quarter. “No,” he said adamantly.

“I will make an offering of aeroplanes for you only when I have enough money. I will now give you passports, silver and gold ingots and a reincarnation fee. Take them and go away immediately! Or else Guan Yin will come to punish you!”

Suddenly, the woman let out a gut-wrenching wail that sounded like a group of children crying. It was heart-breaking. “I knew then that they weren’t going to submit to my demands, so I resorted to force,” says Grandmaster Chew. He pasted paper-man figures made with secret Taoist codes on the woman’s body and recited chants to rid her of the child spirits tormenting her.

The paper-man figures, silver and gold ingots and the reincarnation fee were then burned to appease the departed spirits. Now there was one more spirit to exorcise the old woman. “We tied a red thread to the client’s thumb. The other end of the thread was tied a paper-man figure to induce the old woman to leave the woman’s body.

“After negotiations, the old woman agreed leave the woman’s body. We burned her some silver and gold ingots and some underworld money and she disappeared,” says Grandmaster Chew.

That was it. Or so they thought. The woman then pointed at Grandmaster Chew with a ferocious glower.

Who is that? asked Grandmaster Chew.

The woman spoke in a belligerent, male voice, claiming to be a benevolent spirit. “Didn’t you know that I am Guan Fu Zi?” he demanded.

Grandmaster Chew was taken aback, but he remained calm. He rebuked the spirit.

“If you’re a benevolent spirit, why didn’t you save people from their miseries instead of adding to them?” he asked. The benevolent spirit, Guan Fu Zi, sighed. “I intended to help her,” he replied.

It transpired that Guan Fu Zi had indeed intended to help the woman, but a priest who was also trying to help the woman by performing an exorcism ended up trapping Guan Fu Zi in her body instead. And now that the spirits had been removed, Guan Fu Zi was similarly released.

The woman became normal as soon as she was exorcised. Grandmaster Chew and the team then conducted the Circle of Fire ritual to keep the good energy within her while preventing other spirits from possessing her again.

All, except one.

For the woman is today a medium, too, with her affiliate deity being none other than the one who had once been trapped inside her: Guan Fu Zi himself.


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