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Nightmare from beyond the Grave

Mr. Li and his younger brother are engaged in the business of investment, finance, and blockchain in Singapore. At its peak, the company employed more

Heaven and Earth Fate Shifting Ritual

Some people in this world are lucky since childhood and things always seem to go smoothly for them. For those people, career achievements come easily,

Case of spirit medium

One day in 2020, Mr. Wang was accompanied by his friends to the Ghostbuster store to seek the assistance of Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin. He

Receiving unknow objects from strangers

While walking through the streets near Guanyin Temple on Waterloo Street, Ms. Chen encountered something that she would come to regret immensely. On the first

Curse on a Malaysian shopping mall

One day in 2016, a middle-aged man in a long-sleeved shirt walked into Ghostbuster and said to Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin with a proud and

Spirit Possession from Taiwan

Not all stories have happy endings… In October 2019, a woman about 30 years old, who was accompanied by her mother and boyfriend, came to

Door opening by itself every night

In 2017, a middle-aged woman walked into Ghostbuster to seek help from Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin. She looked as if she were in a trance,

Curse from Philippines

One day many years ago, a customer with the last name Yan came to the Ghostbuster Store. Mr. Yan came to consult Grandmaster Chew Hon

Multiple spirits trapped inside woman

One year, Ms. Ke, accompanied by her husband, stepped into the Ghostbuster store and wanted to consult Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin on how to solve

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