Ghost Busters


Case of spirit medium

One day in 2020, Mr. Wang was accompanied by his friends to the Ghostbuster store to seek the assistance of Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin. He described himself to Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin as a spirit medium— his family members were also spirit mediums who helped people.

Recently, his wife had been disturbed by something unclean and had been in the hospital for many days now. When she was sent to the hospital, she was vomiting blood and had became confused. Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin asked Mr. Wang, “Did you bring a picture of your wife?” After he finished speaking, Mr. Wang showed Grandmaster Chew the photo of his wife. When Grandmaster Chew used his sight of the heavens ability, he saw a male ghost hovering near Mrs. Wang and pestering her, making Mrs. Wang confused and lacking of spirit. This resulted in poor health and many hospital visits. Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin said to Mr. Wang: “Your ancestors have gone un-worshipped, and the feng shui of your family is not good. Mr. Wang, although you are a spirit medium yourself, you have not cultivated your skills well. The lonely and wild ghosts you helped were not dealt with properly. Many ghosts have been attracted to your house and are waiting for you to come back. The ghost beside your wife is also caused by one that you haven’t properly dealt with. “

When Grandmaster Chew finished speaking, Mr. Wang’s spirit came to Grandmaster Chew for help, asking Grandmaster Chew to help his disciples to eliminate all his misfortunes and help Mr. Wang’s family escape danger. Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin stepped in to help Mr. Wang settle his debts with the spirits and to help Mrs. Wang send away the ghost beside her who was affecting her. Afterwards, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin said to Mr. Wang: “The problem has been partially resolved, but there are still many uninvited spirits in your home. You need to go to your home and adjust the feng shui in order to purify the magnetic field in your home and send all of the uninvited spirits away. In the future, you need to stop intervening in the spirit world— If you are not skilled enough, you cannot help others and you will only harm others and yourself. You should instead devote yourself to cultivating and improving your Taoism practice. Only then, should you enter the world and ask for help when you are destined to do so.”

Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin then dealt with the uninvited spirits who were affecting Wang’s wife and arranged to investigate the feng shui in their home. When he entered the home, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin saw that there were indeed many uninvited spirits in the house— all of the spirits were dissatisfied and had been left behind when Mr. Wang helped others deal with things. They were unsatisfied and could not move on. Seeing that, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin helped him start the process of sending away the grieved spirits and purifying his house. After that, he also arranged for his proud successor, Grandmaster Chew Teck Fatt, to help Mrs. Wang perform a Heaven and Earth Gossip ritual. Later, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin also gave instructions to Mr. Wang to practice the Taoism cultivation methods with the hope that Mr. Wang could be diligent in cultivating his Taoist and then one day he would be more proficient in helping others.


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