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Promoting Filial Piety, Helping the Needy: Ghostbuster's Compassionate Mission

The Ghostbuster places “filial piety” as one of their core concepts and hopes to promote the spirit of filial piety through the inheritance of Taoist culture. We firmly believe that filial piety comes first, and we must practice filial piety in life just as you would think of the source when drinking water. In addition to taking care of our parents and elders while they are still alive, we must also accumulate yin virtue and worship our past ancestors so that they can suffer less in the underworld and can bless their children and grandchildren.

Since its opening in 2003, Ghostbuster has been based on the concepts of helping the world and saving people. The Ghostbuster God once told us that the best way to repay Him is to help the poor and the elderly. Therefore, since its establishment, Ghostbuster has participated in many charitable activities in many countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Through our efforts, we hope to bring love to the society and the less fortunate while shaping our next generation to be more filial, compassionate, and empathetic. We hope that with our modest efforts, Singapore can be shaped into a better home so that the next generation can have a better future.

Ghostbuster was set up in 2003 by Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin with the mission to help those in need and to propagate the teachings of the Supreme Taoist Deity, the Jade Emperor. Specializing in using the art of bazi (eight character) divination, as well as the psychic heavenly eye skills to detect one’s problems, we have helped hundred of thousands of people from all races and across the world to unlock the keys to success using our unique Taoist rituals and skills.

Together with his sons and disciple, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin provides services such as bazi divination, Fengshui (Geomancy) consultation, exorcism, luck enhancement services in our shop at Katong Shopping Centre in Singapore. Our clients come from all over the world and consists of members from all races as well as highly educated individuals.

Our Awards


Dato’ Sri Chew Teck Fatt Jeroen (Senior Master)
Dato’ Chew Hon Chin (Grandmaster)

Outstanding Chinese with Contributions to the World Stamp Collection Awards

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