Ghost Busters


A ghostly face tumor

In 2012, a strange man came to Ghostbuster. As soon as he walked in, he appeared flustered, anxious, and frightened. As soon as he sat down, he said to Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin, ” Grandmaster, please save me! I can’t take it anymore! They said they wanted my life! What should I do?!” Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin said, “Young man, Don’t worry, talk about it slowly.” So the young man took a deep breath and said to Grandmaster Chew, “Grandmaster, since I returned from a trip to Thailand 3 months ago, I felt something was wrong. At first, they were only in me. My room had the sound of footsteps, Tap! Tap! Tap! And then there was a banging on my ceiling. Thump! Thump! Thump! Every night! Then they got even worse! They started talking to me and threatening me with, “We’ll take your life!” These few nights I have heard someone say in my ear, “Give me your life. You made me so miserable, and took my head. Where is my head?” I want you to pay your debts with blood~” I began to think that I was under too much pressure from work and my spirit was drained. How could I know that they would not stop—they even told me to open the window and jump off the building to commit suicide. When my parents came to my room, they said, “Get your knife and stab them to death, just like you chopped off my head! After cutting them, just jump off and everything will be over, there will be no more pain~” They have been pestering me like this for many days, I can’t take it anymore, Grandmaster, please save me!”

So, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin used his sight of the heavens ability to observe the situation. At first glance, there were dozens of people behind the man and the ghosts were holding their heads in their hands. These ghosts were all hideous, as if they were all coming to take his live. Grandmaster then communicated with the heavens to ask for instructions. After understanding the cause and effect of the incident, he opened his mouth and said to the young man, “There are countless unjust souls behind you who want to ask for your life because your occupation in your previous life was an executioner who killed countless people. Although most of the people you killed were adulterers, criminals, and unforgivable, wicked people, there were also some people who have were unjustly killed by you and died under your knife. These people’s bodies have been separated from their souls, and now no one can save their souls after death. Therefore, they are unable to be reincarnated. They are full of resentment and have been waiting for you to reincarnate in the world. Now, when you go to the temple in Thailand to worship, these unjust souls followed you into the temple to complain to the gods in the temple, and they demanded the Taoist Black Command Flag from the underworld in order to claim your life.

If I’m not wrong, you have already sought help from other temples before you came to me, correct? And you have a tumor on your right cheek—have you noticed that? Is it like an upside-down human face. The young man admitted to Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin that he had indeed been to several temples and altars before he came here, but none of them helped him, and one of the altars bluntly told him that there was no way to help him because these unjust souls who demanded his life all came bearing the black command flag from the underworld. Anyone who gets involved in this kind of matter must be willing to face the consequences, so many are unwilling to help him. He came to seek the Ghostbuster when he was desperate. The tumor on his right cheek had been there since he was a child, but the black-faced human figure had only appeared in the past few months due to some supernatural cause.

Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin told him that we can only reach an agreement with these unjust souls to burn gold and silver treasures for them, so that they can not affect you. In order to purify the yin and evil energy in your body, you must go to Indonesia to invite the Nanhai Avalokitesvara to help you in order to completely eradicate it. After obtaining the young man’s consent, Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin started the ritual to send away all of the karmic grievance creditors. Afterwards, he arranged to travel tot Indonesia for the next step of the ritual. Two months after the completion of the ritual, the young man returned to the Ghostbuster shop again. He said that after the ritual, he never heard from or saw those ghosts again. Also, the black-faced tumor on his body began to shrink slowly, and the face disappeared. He was very grateful to the Ghostbuster and Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin for their assistance so that he could survive this catastrophe. Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin is very pleased with this.


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