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Unlocking Success: Taoist Ghostbusters Since 2003.

Ghostbuster was set up in 2003 by Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin with the mission to help those in need and to propagate the teachings of the Supreme Taoist Deity, the Jade Emperor. Specializing in using the art of bazi (eight character) divination, as well as the psychic heavenly eye skills to detect one’s problems, we have helped hundred of thousands of people from all races and across the world to unlock the keys to success using our unique Taoist rituals and skills.

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Consultation with Grandmaster Chew

Bazi (Date and Time of Birth) Destiny Analysis


Frequently Ask Questions.

Upon making payment, our friendly staff will contact you via phone or whatsapp within 3 working days to arrange an available appointment slot for you to see Grandmaster Chew.

Grandmaster Chew will typically analyse your Bazi (Date and time of birth) and offer you advice pertaining to your career, health, and relationship. Grandmaster Chew has an unique sight of the heavens psychic ability that enables him to detect what is obstructing an individual.  After analysing your date and time of birth, Grandmaster Chew will then use his sight of the heavens psychic ability to detect obstacles in your life and offer advice and recommendations to how best remove these obstacles. You may then raise up questions to him and also clarify any doubts that you may have with him after he offer his consultation and advice

The session will typically last for about 30 to 45 minutes.

We will need your Date and Time of birth if the consultation is for yourself or the Date and time of birth for the person you are asking for. If you are asking about someone else, it is also advised that you bring along their recent photograph.

Yes. There will be a revisit consultation charge of $38 (SGD) for any subsequent sessions to see Grandmaster Chew.

We accept Credit card payment through stripe.

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